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Put a stop to less-than-superior brake services. Give us a call today for your next brake inspection!


When you come to Delmark Tire Service, you won't even need to question the services you are getting with us. Customer satisfaction is our top goal and we stop at nothing to make sure each and every one of our customers is happy.


While acceleration is exciting and cornering is fun (most of the time!) the ability to stop your vehicle when you need it is top priority. Performance isn't just about the speed you are able to get - it's controlling that speed and making sure you are safe.

Can you count on your brakes?

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In today's world, there are premium brake pads and economy brake pads. These premium brake pads are designed for drivers that know the value of outstanding, high-quality brakes. Economy brake pads are for drivers who shop based on priced alone and not performance. Before you buy, stop and think!

Our services include:

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